We Help Businesses Unlock Their Million Dollar Potential

Through Marketing, Web Design, and Systems.

What We Do

Lead Generation

No matter who your ideal client is we help connect them to your business on and off-line.

Customer Engagement Systems

We sit down with you and create custom systems that can book clients, get more reviews, and generate referrals to your business, with out you having to lift a finger.

Social Media & Content Management

New Age Business creates a customized plan to help you stand out with your content on social media. Helping you speak to your audience, build relationships and attract more clients.

Website Design

Don't just have a website... Turn it into a cash generation machine.

We create custom websites designed to convertvviewers into customers.

Copy Writing & CRM Design

Email design, direct letter campaigns, sales pages, post buyer campaigns... We can design them.
Our experience in Copy Writing will help your words connect with your audience.

Book Publication

You know you're an expert but does the world?
A book helps you stand out in the crowd as an expert at what you do.

When you work with us you go from bran to book shelve in 3 weeks.

Some Credentials...

Who We Are

Matt Kowald

Marketer • copywriter • web designer

Zack Aitcheson

Marketer Systems designer

What clients say

"It was easy for Matt to interpret my vision for the website and turn it into a reality. I needed it done quickly and he was able to put it together over a couple of days without any hassle and made alterations for me along the way. Overall an awesome service to have that is ready and willing to put in the effort and go the extra mile to make sure that you have amazing quality and something that you are proud to share."
Jessica Taylor
Wellness Business owner

We Lay It All On The Line, Will You?

At New Age we Guarantee results you can be proud of or we’ll give you your money back and pay our competitors to do the work for you. 

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Hi I’m Matt.

 A former exercise sport and rehabilitation science student turned Marketer. 

My love for marketing and web design started 4 years ago. You see I want to live a life that leads an impact and help others, and to do that I had to become obsessed with marketing. 

Since then I have published two guided journals, continued my journey as a high performance athlete, and reside in St. Catharines Ontario. 

I love creating and desiging material that not only looks great buy will connect with others, guide your customers to buy your service (if it’s right for them). 

My favourite things to work on are website design, creating compelling emails and sales copy, that generate more leads and increase conversions.  

Hi I’m Zackarias.

 A biochemistry student who never felt satisfied with the average. Feeling dissapointed by unviserty I started marketing and I’ve been hustling ever since. 

Coming from a small retirement town I fell in love with the idea of businesses having that personal connection to their clients. My goal is to integrate that personality into all of my marketing tasks.

I took on business to challenge myself to become a better person, but also to improve the lives of those around me through what they are passionate about. 

Through marketing I have made my own dreams into reality, we can help you do the same.

My expertise is helping business owners create systems that get’s more leads and  more time.