Is your business making this mistake with marketing?

Are you making this mistake with your ads?

If you’re running any type of advertising campaigns whether that be google keywords, billboard, newspaper, facebook… I think you get the picture. You have to make sure that you are doing this. 

Last week I was doing market research. 

I had a coffee in hand, headphones on, my imagination was switched on..

.. I was geting in the mind frame of Bart. A 29 year old male who was just in an accident that wasn’t his fault, and needed an injury lawyer stat.

As a 29 year old male with an iPhone in hand, the first thing I would do is search for a lawyer to help me with my injury e.g. Injury lawyer, lawyer to help me with my injury case. 

I typed in the key words… Hit enter and had a list of lawyers to contact appeared in google.

But who do I trust? 

If no one had given upfront value and created a relationship with me, I’d click the top site who ranked for my search. 

In this case it was google keywords. 

So I clicked that link and the next two links. 

And nearly pulled out my hair in shock. 

It took me to their home page! At So & So (sorry I don’t want to put the company under the bus) law firm. The page read we can help you with real estate law, family law, injury law, listing all the types of practices they can help me with. 

If I landed that page I would leave very quickly. 

You see they had my attention, I’m a buyer looking for a solution, I want to get help NOW, I want someone I can put my trust in and know they specialize in my situation. 

The company was half the way there with their ad, but wasted anywhere between $20-90 on that click (you can see how much they are paying using google keyword planner).


Because the didn’t make the landing page relevant with the search term. In marketing they call this ad scent.  

Now let’s go to scenario two (the one I wish they had in place).

I see their add, and I click it.

I’m taken to a clean landing page (a page designd just for the add). 

The headline read “we specialize in Injury law helping people in St Catharines claim what they deserve” (or something along those lines…)

“click the button bellow for your free 60 minute consultation call to see how I can help you”

In the first 8 seconds I know what they do, and how they can help me.

Bellow is some social proof:

We’ve helped x amount of clients claim the money the deserve.

Bellow that the law firm begins to introduce what they do in more detail, too help me see the value in their service.

Followed by who the lawyer is and why they decided to become a lawyer, telling a snippet of their story in a way that relates to me. This way I see their human side that connects with me and I can trust them more.

Followed by “who is it for” explaining the types of injury law the firm specializes in and how they can help each type, followed by another call to action ‘book your FREE 60 minute call to see how I can help you”.  

And to top it off their are some video testimonials of clients telling their story. How they felt before working with x, and how x helped them claim money from the incident. 

After reading through the two examples which law firm would you trust? 

Which one sounds like they understand what you nee? Which one is going to stop you in your tracks to give your time and trust? 

This is a simple fix, one that would take at the most a day to solve. And this fix would put them miles ahead of the competition, yet is easily missed. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I can safely assume they are likely doing better than other law firms in the area because they understand how to get infront of their client when they are searching for it. 

But they would be doing alot better if they had a landing page built specifically for this type of client they were already paying to get to their site (and retargeting ads more on that later). 

Are you or any other businesses you know making the same mistake? 

If you’d like help with creating offers and websites that attract your ideal client than click the button bellow to book an appointment and see how we can help you. 

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